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Spiritually Centered

Our students will first and foremost grow and develop in their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ and be filled with the Holy Spirit. We want to partner with parents and churches to disciple each student using Biblical principles, encourage them to discover their God given gifts and talents, and teach them how to use those gifts and talents to glorify God.

Academically Adept

KCS partners with parents to prepare and equip each student for the next level of education. We will prepare our students through a challenging curriculum that teaches them to analyze the subject matter, evaluate it based on principles they have learned, connect it to other subject matter and ultimately apply what they have learned.

Physically Fit

Our Physical Education program as well as extracurricular sports activities reflect our belief that our bodies serve as temples of the Lord and we are to learn to care for them just as we do our spirit and our mind. We will encourage our students to set goals for themselves and teach them how to  practice health and fitness so that they have a fit vessel to carry out God’s plan for their lives.

Creatively Inspired

We are fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator and as we are created in his image, we are inherently creative. We will inspire our students to discover and develop their God given gifts, talents, and creativity by allowing them to experience and participate in a variety of fine arts beginning in Kindergarten.

Culturally Confident

Our God has created an incredibly culturally diverse world and we consider it a privilege to learn about the cultures that specifically reside in our area. Students will be able to study and apply Spanish language arts as a part of their daily curriculum and use it to both relate to and influence their culture.

Technically Trained

Our society is driven by technology and innovation. Keystone Christian School is dedicated to using the latest technology tools in the classroom to help enhance learning as well as teaching our students how to appropriately use technology as a God given tool to further their education.